Profile “Hotel and restaurant service”

The Department of Business Communications of the University trains bachelors in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education in the field of study 43.03.01 “Service”. After successfully passing the state final examination, students are issued a state bachelor's degree. Students liable for military service are granted a deferment from the army. The educational program is implemented in full-time and part-time forms of study. Part-time form of study is implemented using distance technologies.

Basic studying courses

  • Personnel management at service enterprises

  • Booking and reservation systems
  • Restaurant service technologies and organization of catering services at hospitality enterprises
  • Hospitality technologies
  • Automated control systems in hotel complexes and catering establishments
  • Fundamentals of designing hotel and restaurant complexes
  • Hospitality revenue management
  • Pricing in the hospitality industry
  • Cross-cultural management in service activities
  • Animation and leisure activities
  • Organization and holding of social and cultural events

Practicing lecturers

Osokina Valentina Anatolevna - Wellness and IT project development expert. Founder of the consulting company “Sales & Marketing Solutions Hospitality 8.0”. Acting expert of the federal project “Tour-Accelerator” for the development of tourism industry projects. Engaged in the development of solutions as part of expert groups for the development of regions and private businesses.

Kichova Viktoriia IUrevna - CEO of the “St. Petersburg Wedding Fashion Week” project, 12 years of experience in implementing MICE projects, organizing events around the world, the ideological inspirer of the “Wedding St. Petersburg” project, member of the board of AOM “Events and Projects”.

Practice and future career

The field “Hotel and restaurant service” is the training of professionals who have the skills and technologies for organizing service processes in hotel and restaurant complexes, studying consumer needs, planning the production and technological activities of hotels and restaurants, as well as managing the financial and economic part.

An important function of such employees is to work on the formation of standards for guest service, design, conclusion of contracts, selection and training of personnel.

To ensure the high quality of studying and competitiveness of graduates, the faculty pays great attention to integration and cooperation with employers and strategic partners. At the moment, students of the field “Service” have the opportunity to do an internship abroad. The department has agreements with representatives of Turkey, Italy, France. Currently, students have the opportunity to practice in the following organizations:

  • “Azimut” Hotel

  • “4 Seasons” Hotel
  • “Okhtinskaya” Hotel
  • Studying center “Aviatour-expert”
  • Association of International Youth Cooperation and Tourism
  • “France stage” agency
  • “Y'es” Aparthotel
  • “Indigo” Hotel
  • LLC “Hotel booking”

Bachelors in the field of hotel and restaurant service today are one of the most sought-after specialists in the hospitality industry. A modern manager is obliged to combine different qualities, ranging from perfect knowledge of the profession itself and ending with modern trends in the global market. These are specialists who own communication technologies, projective thinking; they are creative, socially open and mobile personalities, capable of multidisciplinary professional activities, of creating and organizing a service space.

Part-time studying

  • Examination periods - 2 times a year: in autumn and spring (4 weeks installation session + 2 weeks examination period)

  • Possibility to arrange study leave during the examination period at the expense of the employer
  • For students with specialized secondary education or higher education, it is possible to study in an accelerated program
  • The educational process is carried out with the active use of modern information and communication technologies: the use of an electronic educational environment, video lectures, webinars

Benefits of studying at the Department of Business Communications of our University

  • Accounting for modern requirements of educational and professional standards

  • Direct participation of representatives of partner-organizations of the faculty in the educational process
  • Intensive language training within the framework of ongoing programs in two foreign languages
  • Opportunity for internships abroad
  • Individual educational trajectory
  • Internship in Russian and foreign companies
  • Accelerated form of studying based on professional education
  • Regular master classes and meetings with successful practitioners and professionals in the field of business communications