Center for Career Guidance and Employment of Graduates

The Employment Center offers students a job from leading employers in St. Petersburg! 

A variety of activities: from the service industry and catering to the banking sector, union wages from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles, comfortable working conditions, flexible work schedule, career growth opportunities. 

Such organizations, as OOO “Leroy Merlin Vostok”, OOO “Teremok-Russian Bliny”, OOO “Air Gates of the Northern Capital” (Pulkovo Airport) and others are waiting for you!
The list of employers is constantly being updated

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Jobs for students from the Employment Center of St. Petersburg 

The site contains information about vacancies of the Center for Health Care in St. Petersburg for students and graduates. To help students, in some cases, proposals for internships and further employment are possible. 

International students, please note! 

On August 5, 2020, Federal Law No. 16-FZ of February 6, 2020 “On Amendments to the Federal Law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation” came into force in terms of simplifying the procedure for employment in the Russian Federation of students in Russian professional educational organizations higher education of foreign citizens and stateless persons”, which establishes a simplified procedure for employment in the Russian Federation of foreign citizens and stateless persons studying full-time in Russian professional educational organizations and educational institutions of higher education in the main educational program that have state accreditation.
From August 5, 2020, foreign citizens full-time studying in Russian colleges and universities under an accredited basic educational professional program can work in the Russian Federation in their free time without obtaining a work permit or patent, and employers have the right to attract foreign students without obtaining permission to attract foreign workers. 

A description of the professions of various categories of workers and employees is given: salespeople, managers, accountants, merchandisers, marketers, technicians, engineers, doctors, etc. Some of the descriptions are in the form of job instructions. — INFORMATION RESOURCE FOR DISSEMINATION OF KNOWLEDGE
Presented free educational courses of teachers of the leading universities of the country: Moscow State University. Lomonosov, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russian University of Economics. Plekhanov and others, as well as Russian scientific centers. The main areas are chemistry, business management, physics, mathematics, economics, programming, astronomy, biology. Particular attention is paid to interfaculty courses, and courses that are "at the junction" of disciplines. ― MIND GAMES 

An information resource that offers a large, regularly updated set of problems, puzzles and riddles useful for individuals seeking to develop (maintain) their thinking abilities, trying to determine the areas of knowledge to which they have the greatest predisposition. The tasks are divided into categories: algebra, geometry, programming, probability theory, logic, physics, ingenuity, etc. In each section, tasks are grouped into 5 levels of difficulty. 

"Memo to a graduate: How to find a job?"
An important stage in the job search is to determine the list of professional and personal qualities. Answer your questions:
What am I able (ready) to do professionally (at work)?
What can I do unprofessionally as a hobby?
My personal qualities and virtues, useful at work?
What sources of information can be used to find a job?

Search with the help of friends and relatives;
Job search through vacancy announcements in periodicals;
Publication of your mini-resume in the newspaper;
Internet search:
Direct proactive appeal to a potential employer;
Search through employment agencies;
Search through the state Employment Centers and job fairs held by them;
Attending career days or other similar events;
Job search methods for graduate students: we advise you not to avoid temporary work, as it is an excellent platform for finding a permanent job:
Temporary work improves your skills, which increase your competitiveness in the labor market;
Temporary work is the easiest and best way to expand your list of contacts, which can only benefit the person who is looking for their place in life;
Temporary work is the best way to maintain morale while looking for a job.


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